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Manish Bhardwaj is a full-time trader investor, an analyst for over six years and now, he is also a trading content creator. On a random day, Manish and Sharat were discussing their plans of helping people and both understood that they have almost the same vision. So, they collaborated to take TradingSutra to the next level.
What is Dow Theory
The timeline of Dow TheoryCharles H. Dow was the father of the Dow-Jones financial news service in New York. He was an experienced journalist and the founder & first editor...
Trend in Trading
In this chapter, we will learn about market trends which is an important parameter to take a trader of have a view in the market.
There are many patterns based on which market participants trade & make their decisions. Whether to go long or short on a particular scrip or stock is decided by the...
Divestment in PSU
Public Sector Undertaking or Public Sector Enterprise: The companies which are owned by the Government of India or any State Govt. or both can be considered as a PSU.
Trading with Divergence
Divergence gives a signal that the current trend of the underlying may be weakening, or the trend is going to end here & it is likely to get a reversal on the charts.
Ralph Nelson Elliott is the father of the Wave Theory who invented the wave principle.